Blue EP

by Dark Wave

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released June 10, 2010



all rights reserved


Dark Wave Detroit, Michigan

Dave Graw, Mark Penxa and Blair Dial.81 French

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Track Name: S.U.T.F.S.
So long and thanks for all the jail time
thats what Jimmy said and Jimmy is a friend of mine
I heard reporters write for the paper
Are you a reporter, or just a fucking hater?

She underlines the fuck scenes, it beats me why.
That little girl of mine.

Don’t be an internet tough guy,
nobody likes it and I don’t need to tell you why.
Lets Vacation at the Vatican.
Get some sun, get high and tell everyone.
Track Name: Fuck With Fire (Featuring Dial 81)
There’s a storm coming in.
Put on your scarf, gloves and get in.
Pay no mind to them.
I can’t remember when.
I’ll silence the voices, with wine and gin.

That’s what you get.
That’s what you get when you fuck with fire.
Track Name: Foil
Hey hey hey, alright, have a good time.
I’ll see you next spring, or fall.
Is there any better time at all?
Maybe after the wake, you’ll stay.
I’ll meet you at the corner around eight.
You bring the bread. I’ll bring the wine.
Fine dinning and the time of our lives.
Maybe after the wake, you’ll stay.
Track Name: She's Like That With Everyone
I am sinking.
You are spinning.
We are floating through space.